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Ethan Stoller

As a music editor, my biggest claim to fame is the Netflix original series Sense8. The series was twice nominated for Primetime Emmys including one for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music,

I am a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, Local 700.


I have worked as a composer on numerous projects, including additional music on Sense8 and the closing credits of V for Vendetta. See my reel for some examples of my work (message me for password).

My work as a producer has been featured on Sense8 as well, including the iconic “Hallelujah” montage from the holiday special. I’ve also produced music by such excellent singer-songwriters as Arthi Meera, Xoe Wise, Ami Saraiya, Jessica Fogle, and Cynthia Lin. Other past collaborators include Psalm One, Nikki Lynette, and Tim Fite.

One of my great passions is as a curator. I have assembled a world-class collection of vinyl records by mid-20th Century jazz, pop, and international vocalists. The ever-improving top 2000 of these records are featured here. My podcast, Unaffected, highlights gems from this collection.

I have also applied my affinity for vinyl record shopping into a handy Google map/guide for used record shopping in Southern California. Disclaimer - I will not claim any responsibility for any adverse effects this map has on your bank account!