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Ethan Stoller

As a music editor, my biggest claim to fame is the Netflix original series Sense8. The series was twice nominated for Primetime Emmys including one for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music,

I am a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, Local 700.


I have worked as a composer on numerous projects, including additional music on Sense8 and the closing credits of V for Vendetta. See my reel for some examples of my work (message me for password).

My work as a producer has been featured on Sense8 as well, including the iconic “Hallelujah” montage from the holiday special. I’ve also produced music by such excellent singer-songwriters as Arthi Meera, Xoe Wise, Jessica Fogle, and Cynthia Lin. Other past collaborators include Psalm One, Nikki Lynette, and Tim Fite.

One of my great passions is as a curator. I have assembled a world-class collection of vinyl records by mid-20th Century jazz and pop vocalists. The ever-improving top 2000 of these records are featured here. My forthcoming podcast, Unaffected, will highlight gems from this collection.

I have also applied my affinity for vinyl record shopping into a handy Google map/guide for used record shopping in Southern California. Disclaimer - I will not claim any responsibility for any adverse effects this map has on your bank account!